By Barry Babcock (originally shared on Facebook this morning)

Several days ago, I posted an alert concerning the current DNR's decision to begin logging on MN's WMA's. This coupled with former Commissioner Landwehr's decision to increase logging on state owned lands has some of us reaching out in an effort to bring this to the attention of the media. The principle reason we reacted the way we did about this was a PDF letter to DNR Commissioner Sarah Strommen, signed by 28 DNR wildlife managers that was leaked to a few people. The many reasons these wildlife managers objected to this were for all the right reasons! I and many others resolutely stand by this letter and the courageous wildlife managers that spoke out!! I will not reiterate all the reasons here but anyone wishing to read the letter can message me on Facebook with their email and I will send letter signed by the twenty-eight to them.

This post is to inform those interested in this that the DNR Commissioners office has issued a "GAG ORDER" for all DNR wildlife staff.....so if a wildlife manager should talk to a media reporter about this issue, they may lose their job!

Our public lands, whether they be federal, state or county, are our lands - public lands, not corporate lands. They are in essence our "commons." Their existence as a source of renewal, habitat, recreation and places we can experience the joy of wildness and and our place and dependency on the natural world amidst the hectic bustle of getting and spending. We should all be alarmed at this as our public agencies continue to oblige corporations over the people and continue to see our natural resources through the lenses of profit motive.

“Unless there be wilderness-minded men scattered through all the conservation bureaus, the societies may never learn of new invasions until the time for action has passed. Furthermore, a militant minority of wilderness-minded citizens must be on watch throughout the nation and vigilantly available for action.”  A. Leopold