Here you'll find informative articles, research papers, books, documents, videos, etc... related to the various wildlife issues in Minnesota.

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Do Wolf Tracks and Less Deer in Your Fall Hunting Area Mean What You Think They Mean?
Deer Have Direct Role in Death of Minnesota Moose
More than 100 Scientists Oppose Removing Federal Protection from Gray Wolves
Killing Wolves Backfires
Facts About Bear Baiting
Deer Parasites Deadly to Moose Focus of New Scientific Study
Moose in Minnesota This magazine has followed the story of the shifting fortunes of our monarch of the north woods.
Two Year Coyote Scat Project Ends with Over 3,000 Specimens Collected
Hunting in America faces an ethical reckoning
Coyote Carnage: The Gruesome Truth about Wildlife Killing Contests
Effects of All-Terrain Vehicles on Forested Lands and Grasslands


Protect Our Turtles (DNR)
Judge Howell Decision on Great Lakes Wolf Delisting 2014
Gov. Data Confirm that Wolves Have a Negligible Effect on U.S. Cattle & Sheep Industries
Project Coyote - Coyote Coexistence Plan
Endangered Species Act


Effects of Wolf Mortality on Livestock Depredations
Predator Defense - Coyotes and Humans: Can We Coexist?
Bear Baiting Increases Population


Voyaguer Wolf Project
Project Coyote


How to build a wood duck nest box
How to build a bluebird nest box
How to build a bat house
How to make a roost box for songbirds