Wildlife Bills Currently Before the Minnesota Legislature

Contact your state representative and senator and ask them to...


Please SUPPORTHF0387 - ban of commercial harvesting of turtles


Please SUPPORTHF0157 - the ban of the manufacture, sale and use of lead tackle one ounce or smaller in weight or smaller than 2.5 inches long.


Please SUPPORT - SF 763 - the Boundary Waters Permanent Protection Bill bans sulfide-ore copper mining in the BWCAW watershed. 


Please OPPOSE - SF 600 - one or more 2021 open seasons for taking wolves.

Please OPPOSE - HF 829 - one or more 2021 open seasons for taking wolves.

Please SUPPORT - SF1144 - prohibiting a wolf hunting and trapping season.

Please SUPPORT - HF1498 - prohibiting a wolf hunting and trapping season.


Please SUPPORT - HF766/SF794 - insure pesticide-coated seed is properly stored and handled to help prevent birds and wildlife from eating leftover piles of toxic seed, and water and land is not contaminated, and make sure toxic unused corn seed will not be used in ethanol plants in Minnesota similar to Nebraska's recent catastrophe.

Please SUPPORT - HF670 - ban the sale, use, and application of the toxic pesticide, chlorpyrifos; product recall and collection efforts required; and money transferred. Chlorpyrifos is a nerve-agent class of insecticides called organophosphates associated with neurodevelopment harm in children. The EPA found that chlorpyrifos is likely to adversely affect 97% of all species listed under the Endangered Species Act.

Please SUPPORT - HF408 - increase fees on pollinator lethal insecticides with the fee revenue allocated to pollinator research.

You can find your state Senator and Representative HERE