Take Action

There are numerous ways to get involved in helping wildlife in Minnesota. 

Water Action Lobby Day at the MN Capitol to Stop the Line 3 Pipeline in 2017
  • Donate money or supplies to a non-profit
  • Write letters to the editor of small and/or large newspapers or magazines
  • Start a blog to share what you know
  • Get active on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...
  • Schedule a meeting with your local representative to discuss current issues
  • Educate your friends, family, and neighbors 
  • Write for community websites like the Patch by creating a "neighbor posts" page
  • Speak with local schools about allowing you to talk with students about the importance of protecting wildlife and how they can involved. 
  • Volunteer your time to local non-profits 
  • Attend rallies
  • Educate yourself on wildlife facts vs. fiction 
  • Turn your own property into a wildlife haven by planting native plants
  • Foster coexistence
  • Avoid knee jerk reactions to wildlife and wildlife issues based on irrational fears or lack of understanding
  • Door knocking during election time
  • Educate yourself on which politicians are animal friendly by researching their voting records and donor reports on sites like: VoteSmart, GovTracks, CongressGov, Minnesota Legislature, OpenSecrets, Federal Election Commission... Also look at the Humane Society Annual Report to see what some of the issues have been and then compare it to their report on how politicians voted on the most recent HSUS Humane Scorecard
  • Become a delegate at election time
There are always ways of helping wildlife in Minnesota. Find what fits your time and energy and then get involved!